Brewing collaboration

The best advice anyone ever gave us is to ‘do what you love’. Not just because it will make you happy, but because when you do what you love, the results are always better! That’s what we’re doing. We’re the MALTSMITHS, a group of brewers following our passion, experimenting and perfecting the beers we’d want to drink. We’ve created two beers, a Pilsner style Lager and an American style IPA, both at 4.6% ABV and both combining depth of flavour with cool, crisp refreshment.

Maltsmiths Lager and IPA Beer Pumps
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Maltsmiths Pilsner Style Lager Beer Can and Pump


Pilsner style

The perfect refreshment. A crisp, clean pilsner, with lovely pine, citrus and earthy hop notes.

Maltsmiths American Style IPA Beer and Pump


American style

A refreshing, clean beer that combines a caramel base with overlying hop notes of citrus, grapefruit, tropical fruits.